January 31, 2020. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

New Exclusive Widget – Managing Group Enquiries

Here at SOS Consulting we have made changes and created Widgets to enhance the stages of Step One in the enquiry process that were affecting B2B customers.

With many customers their enquires can be associated
with 3rd parties, meaning that an enquiry has to be connected
to multiple contacts, leads or accounts. When an enquiry is
received, it’s initially from one individual via a website form,
email or a phone call. Our exclusive Find and Add process,
checks the individual is not already in the database before creating new Leads, Accounts or Contacts, plus our domain name search matches new employees to Accounts. The find and add eliminates the issue with duplicate records.  It ensures Leads remain as prospects until a quote is accepted and then auto converts them through the Enquiry blueprint.

But what if the Enquiry is associated to a group made up of multiple Leads, Accounts and Contacts.


We have designed and built a new Manage Group Widget that can be used within an Enquiry, that solves this issue and handles the complex relationship structures that many Zoho user’s experience and is proud of the effort it has taken to make this live within Zoho.

Using this exclusive widget, you can associate existing Groups, create new Groups and add both Leads and Contacts and members to that Group.   When adding new members, the Find and Add Logic will automatically run to ensure there are no duplicates that are created within the system,  When the clients  quote is then approved, any leads in that specific group will automatically be converted to a contact.

We are all extremely excited about this new widget as it handles the complex relationship structures that many Zoho user’s experience with their customers and eliminates the risk of duplication.

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