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Digital Transformation is about People and Process

When vendors promote their software, they often showcase features and functions to get businesses excited about the potential change an application can bring to their business.  Their promotional videos are designed to make it look easy to use but don’t be fooled, software implementation is not that simple.   Getting software to work for you is […]

Many Businesses will change their Cloud Software again

I joined the software industry in 2003, the same year as WordPress.  Back then just under 41m business were on the web, 2 years prior around 29m.  Now fast forward 20 years, today there are 1.92b websites.  During those 20 years I have witnessed the fascinating journey of software and how businesses adapted to embrace […]

A sales process is not one size fits all

It always peaks my interest when I see strap lines like ‘6 Step Sales Process’. If a Sales Process was as simple as six steps, wouldn’t we have already mastered it long ago?   If every business followed the same ‘6 Steps to Success’ where is our point of difference? Let’s get real, it’s not always […]

Don’t invest in building software

I started 20 years ago in Software, I was 23 years old running my first business that provided Mortgages, Insurances, and Pensions to clients. Most businesses were still paper-based, but I had ambitions about automation and started designing one of the first web-based CRM applications for the Financial Services Industry. Within a couple of years, […]