Creating Elite Australian Users

Why use SOS Consulting

SOS Consulting are independent Software Consultants, so we have evaluated over 225 software applications for the Building and Construction industry and only recommend applications which meet all the requirements of a Project Builder.

Our implementation process is not just focused on the features and functions of Buildertrend, we also recognise the importance of business processes. Our team will review all your existing processes and configure your Buildertrend software to manage your jobs from start to finish. Whether you’re a Sole Trader only using Sub Contractors or a business employing in-house trades or both, we will make sure your processes are streamlined between admin, project management and accounts.

We provide fast track training during a 2-day workshop at your office premises. In just 2 days, your systems will be properly configured to meet your business needs and your team will be skilled up to use the software to its full potential.

Post Training Support

Our team are always available to answer your questions and to provide additional training or data entry support. If you have a Buildertrend support question, please send an email to

We also provide expert bookkeeping support for Xero and Buildertrend users, our dedicated bookkeeping team will ensure your Buildetrend budgets are perfectly aligned to your Xero accounting software.

Existing Users

Most of our new clients have been using Buildertrend for 3-12 months but need to escalate the process to get the full potential out of the Software.

If you’re an existing user, we will evaluate your application and advise you on any additional configuration and training required.

To find out how well you are using Buildertrend, click here and complete our User Survey.

Features of Buildertrend

Subcontractor / Supplier Management

  • Full contact details accessible
  • Notifications/warnings on expired insurances/licences
  • Individually set system access permission levels
  • Subcontractor portal with free access to selected jobs

Staff Access

  • Comprehensive permissions and job access controls
  • Google/Office 365 integration
  • Customised/branded signatures
  • Staff profiles for HR Management

Owner Invoicing

  • Invoices preconfigured and linked with schedule items in Gantt for date due
  • Reminder set and automatically adjusted with schedule
  • Issued from Buildertrend
  • Integration allows for invoice details to be put into accounting system for collection and reconciliation with receipt of funds
  • Reporting

Task Management (To Do’s)

  • Templated checklists
  • Assignment of checklist items to different people
  • Attach documents and photos
  • Set reminders
  • Messaging
  • Link Tasks to calendars or Gantt Chart items
  • Reporting

Warranty Items

  • Track warranty issues
  • Schedule appointments
  • Delegate to subcontractor
  • Attached photos and documents
  • Messaging
  • Reminders
  • Reporting

Manual Site Diary

  • Daily record of site activity
  • Weather reporting
  • Attach and edit photos or documents
  • Process Management for new tasks
  • Comments – built in messaging
  • Reporting


  • Variations created online and onsite
  • Clients can be notified of variations
  • Client approvals with electronic signatures
  • Purchase orders linked to variations
  • Tracking client and builder variations in the budget
  • Attach photos and documents to variations
  • Messaging
  • Set deadlines for approval and/or payment
  • Create invoice from Variation
  • Reporting


  • Mobile clock in/out
  • Record missed shifts
  • Labour costs allocated to jobs or tasks
  • GPS recording of Clock in/out location
  • Overtime cost tracking.
  • Splitting shifts across multiple cost codes.
  • Timesheets for payroll
  • Reporting

Purchase Orders

  • Option to create PO’s directly from Quote
  • Option to create PO’s directly from Variations
  • Option to create PO’s directly from Tenders (Bids)
  • Option to create PO’s from scratch
  • Option to create PO’s from templates
  • Attach documents and photos to PO’s
  • Detail the Scope of Works
  • Use the commenting feature (Messages) to liaise with staff, trades and clients
  • Approval process and approval limits
  • PO Completion process can be linked to calendars or schedule items
  • Receipt invoices against PO’s
  • Full mobile device access to PO features
  • Trade PO Approval feature
  • PO Variance tracking
  • PO’s linked to Cost Codes and Budget
  • Reporting

Calendar / Schedules

  • Full functioning Gantt chart
  • See all jobs tasks on one schedule
  • View Gantt chart by day, week, phase or job
  • Automatic adjustment of dependencies (linked tasks) when schedule items updated
  • Notification to subcontractors of work schedule or changes to schedule
  • Subcontractor schedule acceptance confirmation
  • Attached documents to schedule items
  • Online mode to allow viewing by Subcontractors and owners
  • Internal messaging to communicate with staff, trades and clients
  • Set baseline and tracking of time shifts and reasons for shifts
  • Tracking schedule conflicts
  • Reporting
  • Viewing controls to restrict client access and visibility

Prime Cost Items and Provisional Sums (Selections / Allowances)

  • Ability to share options including images and pricing
  • Grouping PCI’s under an allowance
  • Client can select choices and approve electronically
  • Manage and notify clients of selection deadlines
  • Link selection deadlines to schedules for automatic timeline updates
  • Client can be given permission to add selections
  • Selections added to the budget
  • Subcontractor permissions and notifications
  • Create purchase orders from selections chosen
  • Reporting


  • Excel (CSV) import option.
  • Template quotes
  • Estimate formatted and sent to clients for electronic signatures
  • Purchase orders can be created from Estimate line items to populate the scope of works
  • Prime Cost Items (Selections) and Provisional Sums (Allowances)
  • Ability to link successful tenders to the estimate
  • Margin or mark up calculation
  • Grouping of line items and controls to hide and show breakdowns, values/items


  • Commenting Feature that keeps notes stored against relevant records, like purchase orders, site reports etc.
  • Email notification option for new comments
  • Push phone notification for all comments
  • Email integration, making emails assessible to all staff with the job access
  • Searchable across jobs (subject to permissions)


  • Job details transferred from leads or created from new
  • All job information accessed in a single application via a desktop or mobile device
  • Job location mapping
  • Permission viewing rights at job level

Files / Document Management

  • Full online document management for documents, photos and videos
  • Viewing permissions at document level
  • Global storage for non-job specific files
  • Internal document creation and editing
  • Email directly from files
  • Viewing access to subcontractors and clients

Leads and Estimating

  • Move from multiple disjointed systems to single software application
  • Each process flows from one step to the next
  • No data entry duplication
  • Create sales leads and manage follow up activities
  • Create email campaigns
  • Lead mapping allows for reporting and focused sales campaigns
  • Easy access to information and reportsfor all staff
  • Access to information from any computer or mobile device


  • Fully configurable survey module
  • Responses in Stars, 1-10 or Free Text
  • Reporting

Tender Management (Bids)

  • Ability to request quotes from multiple Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Incorporate winning bids into budget
  • Issue purchase orders from winning bids
  • Reporting