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Software Implementation


Software Scope

Finding the right software for your business requires a detailed understanding of software in the marketplace, combined with knowledge about your team and the business processes and outcomes you have today.  Our specialist Implementation Consultants have over 20 years’ experience, scoping software across a wide range of industries.  A scope is conducted at your location, so we can meet your team and see first-hand how you operate today.   We are sensitive to the needs and feelings of your staff, who may be about to embark on business change.   The result of the scope will be to match the right application, making sure it has the configuration to meet your objectives and tailor the release and training to your team’s capability and capacity.


Software Configuration

To configure software, you need to first understand the application.  Learning the application before it’s configured is challenging. It’s a chicken and egg situation.    We have expert Implementation Consultants who have extensive experience in configuring a range of applications.   We can save you a large amount of time watching videos or reading tutorials, by setting up the software to meet your business requirements.   We are always here to support our clients after the training and believe that businesses should be empowered to make changes without always needing a consultant.  If clients want to learn how to set up the software, we can train their team to make ongoing changes to the software configuration as their business evolves.


Software Migration

Implementing new software often requires a migration of data from an existing source to the new application.  This source may be an existing application or manual processes like spreadsheets.   We ensure data is migrated using the most efficient method, such as API’s or CSV import files, but we also pride ourselves in completing excellent data migration cleansing and quality checking.   Having migrated over 500 clients to new software applications, we have encountered every challenge imaginable and have extensive experience overcoming data migration issues.  We will work closely with you to evaluate the data and the recommended solution to map the old data to your new data structure, so you can maximise your software capability and get immediate reporting on history trends.


Software Training

Our experienced Implementation Consultants have trained over 500 companies on how to use software applications, from large groups to single individuals.  We can provide customised user-guides and process maps to help users understand how the software has been tailored to their specific business needs.  We don’t just focus on features and functions, we specialise in teaching business process, to ensure the user understands how the software operates to support your end to end business needs.  Every business is different and every individual learns at a different pace, so our training is tailored to the audience we are teaching to ensure they get the most out of the training session and are not overwhelmed with too much information.