With over 20 years’ experience in software design and implementation, we pride ourselves in creating solutions in Zoho using API’s, Custom Functions and Widgets. We have developed 10 exclusive implementation steps, designed to help you decide what your business needs. Contact us for more information or to be kept updated on new Zoho Developments.






Step 4 - Advanced Financial Management

STEP 4A - Advanced Invoicing and Progress Payment Forecasting

If your estimates/contracts are paid over multiple instalments and you want to forecast your revenue, then you will love our Advanced Invoicing and Forecasting Widget. You will never need to use a spreadsheet again or forward date invoices. The widget will manage everything you need to create invoices and manage the forecasts.

What’s more, using our exclusive widget you can track how much you’ve spent to date, what you’ve claimed to date and calculate your next claim based on costs, fixed amounts, percentages or balances.

Your forecasts can be modified, keeping your cashflow projections accurate and current with no spreadsheets involved.


  • Convert a BOQ Estimate into a Native Quote
  • Group your BOQ Items 5 Different ways.
  • Create Invoices Using BOQ Item Grouping
  • Raise Progress Payments on BOQ Items
  • Manage the Invoice balances for each BOQ Item
  • Creating Financial Forecasts for Project Balances
  • Convert Financial Forecasts into Invoices
  • Invoice and Forecast Reporting and Dashboards

STEP 4B - Supplier Bills and Purchase Order Management

The way to manage Purchase Orders and Suppliers Bills has dramatically changed in recent years. You no longer need to spend hours every day entering invoices.

Systems like Zoho Books, Receipt Bank and HubDoc can read every PDF and Photo, automatically entering your supplier details, account codes and invoice values without any manual intervention.

We have customised Zoho to capture supplier invoice details. You can integrate your invoices from your existing accounting software, or import them using a CSV file.

In Zoho we have created simple widgets to quickly match your Purchase Orders to your Supplier Invoices, to support your customised approval process and reconciliation.

Using our exclusive Purchase Order widget you can create Purchase Orders directly from your BOQ Estimate or from the Supplier Invoice.

Data entry is minimised, reconciliation is automated. This process has maximum efficiency and great potential to substantially reduce your operational overheads.


  • Integrate or Import your Supplier Bills
  • Easily Link Bills to Purchase Orders
  • Manage your Purchase Order Approval Process
  • Raise Purchase Orders Directly from BOQ Items
  • Raise Purchase Orders Directly from Supplier Bills
  • Create Grouped of Individual PO’s for Suppliers
  • Create PO’s across multiple Jobs
  • Automate your Billing and Shipping Details
  • Track your Supplier Payments Against Purchase Orders
  • Reconciliation of your Bills and PO’s on BOQ Items

STEP 4C - 2 Way Xero Integration for Payables and Receivables

The 2 Way Xero integration is for your Accounts Receivable (Client Invoices) and your Accounts Payable (Supplier Bills). The integration will automatically enter invoices from Xero into Zoho, and Zoho into Xero. Using the product mapping, the line item description in Xero can be read and rules created using single words and exact match to map your Xero line item to the Zoho Product. For Supplier Bills the integration from Xero to Zoho includes the Supplier attachment, such as a PDF or Jpeg. This means your staff can approve supplier bills without having to log into Xero. The integration includes payment and status updates, it handles multi-currency and tax code mapping.


  • 2 Way Integration with your Xero Invoices (Receivables)
  • 2 Way Integration with your Xero Bills (Payables)
  • 2 Way Contact Integration (no duplicates)
  • Supplier Invoices (PDF’s and Images) integrated to Zoho
  • Automatic Status Updates Between Zoho and Xero
  • Invoice Payment Updates
  • Product Mapping Logic from Xero to Zoho
  • Tracking for Journal Entry Adjustments
  • Multi-Currency and Tax Code Mapping
  • Daily Sync Report with Error Logging