With over 20 years’ experience in software design and implementation, we pride ourselves in creating solutions in Zoho using API’s, Custom Functions and Widgets. We have developed 10 exclusive implementation steps, designed to help you decide what your business needs. Contact us for more information or to be kept updated on new Zoho Developments.







Step 5 - Project Scheduling and Timesheet Reconcilation


Our exclusive integration to Zoho Projects from CRM, means you leverage the benefits of Zohos native Project functionality including Gantt Charts, Utilisation Reports and Timesheets. If you schedule work for your team using the requirements of the Estimate, then our exclusive Create Project Tasks widget will automate this process for you. You can select the line items from your estimate to build your schedule without any data duplication. From CRM, you can allocate the resources, update the status and the priority making your scheduling quick and easy. As projects evolve and new tasks are often added during the project stage, we have created another widget called ‘Match Project Tasks to BOQ Items’. This widget identifies new Tasks and Tickets in your schedule, giving you easy tools to map the new Tasks/Tickets to your BOQ Estimate line items, so you can see exactly how much work has been assigned, to complete the work from your estimate.


  • Create your Projects Directly from CRM.
  • Create CRM Project Tasks from your BOQ Items
  • Bulk Update Project Tasks Resources, Priorities and Status.
  • Sync your CRM Project Tasks to Zoho Projects
  • Sync your Zoho Project Tasks and Tickets to CRM
  • Match your Project Tasks and Tickets to your Estimate.


Our exclusive Timesheet Integration makes your Project Reconciliation a flexible and automated process, giving you accurate reporting on your Contracts financial position. There are 2 rates calculated in our exclusive Timesheet Reconciliation Widget.

  • Staff Base Rate — This is the real resource cost to your business (e.g. Pay Rate)
  • Charge Out Rate — This is the customers rate based on your charging structure.

Staff Base Rate

When a resource submits their Timesheet, their resource record is referenced, and their current Staff Base Rate applied to the timesheet to automatically calculate the real resourcing cost of the timesheet.

Charge Out Rate

Work completed for a client on a Task or Ticket can be applied multiple ways. These are:

  • Is the work completed part of an Estimate?
  • Is the work based on a ‘Do and Charge’ basis? (No part of an estimate).

Work Completed as part of the Estimate

If the work is completed as part of the Estimate, the timesheet is linked to the BOQ Item (estimate line item). This is either automated as part of the ‘Create Tasks’ Widget, or new tasks/tickets can quickly matched using the ‘Match Project Tasks to BOQ Items’ widget.

Based on the Billing Type in the Task, the Charge Out cost is calculated using one of the following pre-determined rules. (Each estimate line item can have a different rule).

  • Fixed Price — Regardless of the amount of work, the labour is a fixed price.
  • Task Rate — The rate charged is based on the Unit Cost in the BOQ Item.
  • Resource Rate — The rate charged is based on a Schedule of Rates linked to the Contract, which calculates the Charge Out Rate used for the Resource completing the timesheet and the Service required in the estimate line item.

Work Completed on a Do and Charge Basis

These timesheets are for work completed with No Estimate. E.g. Support and Maintenance. These timesheets are automatically reconciled using a Schedule of Rates associated to the Support and Maintenance Contract.

These Widgets have been designed to make project reconciliation easy, accurate and fully automated. It’s supported using our exclusive 2-way integration between Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM.


  • Automatically calculate the real staff cost of Timesheets
  • Automatically calculate the charge out cost of Timesheets
  • Track the value of Timesheets based on work completed.
  • Manage Fixed Price deliverables.
  • Set up single or many ‘Schedule of Rates’ for contracts.
  • Create Estimate Line items with multiple Billable Types.
  • Easily manage and track work completed as part of a variation.

STEP 5C - Advanced Scheduling for Field Service Industry

A new widget is being developed by SOS Consulting to manage a schedule for the field service industry. This widget will leverage Zoho Projects but provide an easy to use Interface in CRM to schedule resources based on the skill sets required for the task, the compliance requirements of the task and assets required to complete the work. The schedule will automatically update Zoho Projects via our exclusive Project Task and Timesheet API, which integrates via Creator. This means field staff can use Creator or Zoho Projects to view and update their tasks and timesheets.


  • Match Tasks to Resources Based on Compliance Requirements
  • Match Tasks to Resources Based on Assets Required for the work
  • Match Tasks to Resources based on Availability
  • Drag and Drop Tasks in the Schedule View
  • Colour Code Tasks for Easy View
  • Alerts on Resources, for Assets and Compliance for Scheduled Tasks
  • Assign Resources to a Task for Different Timeslots
  • Asset One or Many Resources to Assets