With over 20 years’ experience in software design and implementation, we pride ourselves in creating solutions in Zoho using API’s, Custom Functions and Widgets. We have developed 10 exclusive implementation steps, designed to help you decide what your business needs. Contact us for more information or to be kept updated on new Zoho Developments.



Step 1 - Automated Sales and Enquiry Management


Duplicate records are challenging and most businesses and software applications face this issue. We are passionate about never duplicating data, so we have developed an exclusive solution called the ‘Find and Add’ widget.

This is one of our most popular widgets, as it helps users to create new Enquires quickly and easily. It makes sure your Enquiries are automatically linked to existing Leads, Contacts and Accounts. If you deal with business clients, it even recognises new employees by matching their email address to your client’s website domain.

It doesn’t matter if your new Enquires are received online or entered by a member of staff. Minimal effort, automated checking and no duplication.


  • No Duplicate Leads or Contacts.
  • Searches your preferred criteria, such as Emails or Mobiles.
  • Matches contact email addresses to client websites.
  • Multiple Enquiries for each Lead, Contact & Account Record.
  • Website Integration.
  • Find and Add Widget for Sales Teams using CRM.
  • Compare Records Widget.
  • Automatic Invoice Creation for Upfront Payments.
  • Automatic Lead Conversion for Accepted Quotes.
  • Sales Enquiry Reports and Dashboards.


Do you need your staff to follow a process? Do you need them to update fields, create records, complete checklists and send emails at specific points in a process? If you answered ‘Yes’ then you need Zoho Blueprints.

Blueprints are powerful as they guide your team through the business requirements, ensuring everyone knows what they need to do and making sure critical steps are never missed. Blueprints are flexible, dynamic and when set up correctly they can handle every variation in your business process.

Using Blueprints you can automate business processes. For example, creating invoices for deposit payments, adding appointments to diaries, creating tasks for individuals or updating records, fields and sending emails.

No more navigating the system, you can manage your Sales Pipeline in one process flow.


  • Advanced Process Management Using Blueprints.
  • Automate Tasks.
  • Automate Field Updates.
  • Automate new Records.
  • Automate Emails.
  • Automate Custom Functions and Webhooks.
  • Force Field Updates by Users.
  • Force Checklist Updates by Users.
  • Control Process Steps.


Your business may have more opportunities than you realise to create digital forms.

Let’s start with Contact Forms on your website. Scrap the emails, using Zoho Forms your website can be integrated directly to your Enquiries. Using our exclusive Find and Add logic, the Enquiry will automatically be linked to existing Leads, Contacts and Accounts – no more duplication and no data entry.

Using Zoho Forms, you send clients Questionnaires, create Contract Options (as demonstrated in this video) and much more.

Zoho One also provides access to Zoho Sign. You can create documents using Mail Merge, that are prepopulated with the relevant information. You can send these documents to clients for digital signatures. Once signed, a copy can be automatically added back in your database as a PDF attachment.

If you create customised quotes but want to close sales and collect payments as quickly as possible, then you will love Zoho. You can send your clients a digital quote, get their digital signature and securely collect their credit card payment in one automated step.

Finally, if your business requires complex application forms, integration to external software or very specific business requirements, then Zoho Creator maybe the perfect solution. Whatever your digital requirements are, Zoho has a host of solutions for digital forms and documents.


  • Prepopulate Digital Forms for Clients.
  • Use Zoho Sign to Collect Digital Signatures.
  • Form Rules can Hide and Show Specific Questions.
  • Integrate Payment Gateways like Stripe and Paypal.
  • Integrate a PDF of your Form back to your CRM Record.
  • Integrate Form Fields to your CRM.
  • Integrate Forms to your Website.
  • Send Forms to Clients via Email.
  • Never Duplicate Form Information.
  • Merge your CRM Data in Editable Documents.
  • Send Clients PDF’s to Sign with Selected Editable Fields.


When your business receives a new Enquiry, it's generally from one individual. However, that individual could be enquiring on behalf of a Business, Trust or Family group. These complex relationships may require you to link multiple Contacts or Leads to one Enquiry.

If you deal with complex relationship structures, storing every individual in your database could be advantageous to your business. Creating new Contacts and Leads can enable you to maximise your marketing opportunities, as each individual in your database could receive Zoho Campaigns, Surveys and Social Media posts, promoting your Products and Services.

Sales Enquiries are the start of the process, it's when you gather the information about your customers. When you create an Enquiry in Zoho, you can associate it to an individual Lead (which is a prospect) or a Contact (which is an existing customer). With our Exclusive Manage Groups widget, you can also link a Group to an Enquiry. A Group is a combination of Leads and Contacts. Each Group has a primary contact. The primary contacts details will be displayed in the Enquiry module, so you can easily see who you are dealing with. Using the Manage Groups widget you can switch the primary contact to another individual and the Enquiry will automatically be updated. If you have already issued Quotes, Sales Orders or Invoices, these records will not be affected by the primary contact change in the Group, only the open Enquiries will be updated.

The Manage Groups Widget makes it easy to create, link or update complex relationships directly from your Enquiry Record. If your Group contains 'Lead' members, these are prospects who haven't done business with you before. If the Enquiry converts into a Sale, these Leads will automatically be converted into a Contact. The widget ensures your Leads and Contacts are never duplicated. They can be associated to many Enquiries and if these Enquires are converted, your prospects and your customers are automatically updated.


  • Quick add tool for creating new Leads on the Group.
  • Quick add tool for creating new Contacts on the Group.
  • Find and Add Logic automatically runs on all new members to avoid duplicated Leads or Contacts.
  • Leads are automatically converted to a Contact when the Sale is won.
  • Switch Primary Contacts within the Manage Group Widget.
  • Primary Contact details are automatically populated into the Enquiry Record.
  • Link a primary account to the Widget.
  • Remove Members from the Group.
  • Link Groups to one or many Enquires.