March 25, 2020. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Reducing Operational Costs with 2 way Xero Integration

New Solutions Available

New Solutions Available

With the Need to Minimise Financial Stress on businesses

 by Reducing Overhead Cost this integration between

 Xero and Zoho CRM helps to Eliminate Manual Data Entry

 and Provides a Remote Management Process

 for payables, receivables and timesheets.


Many businesses are desperately trying to cut costs due to the impact COVID-19 is having on their revenue. They are not alone and it’s not a new concept to deal with. Reducing operational overheads is something we’ve been helping businesses with for many years.

There are tough times ahead and some difficult decisions need to be made. Preserving jobs or preserving the business? Some businesses will be fortunate enough that they can do both. We commend the companies that focus on keeping staff in their jobs and sacrificing business profit or growth to achieve this. For other companies, this is not going to be an option.

Many companies will not be able to sustain the wages and their goal will be to preserve the business. If they can ride this storm out, then hopefully ‘business as usual’ will return and jobs can be reinstated.

One of the overheads where we often identify immediate savings is the management of Sales invoices and Supplier Invoices. Here are 5 top processes that identify an opportunity to start saving money.

If any of these processes sound familiar, then you should read on.
1. Do the accounts team have to copy and paste line items from an estimate into an invoice?
2. Do you create invoices for the full balance and make partial credits against it?
3. Do you create invoices dated in the future?
4. Do you print supplier invoices for someone to initial and approve?
5. Do you manually enter supplier invoices into Xero?

As a Xero Gold Partner and an Authorised Zoho Partner with 20 years’ experience in Accounting and Software Development and Implementation, we decided it was time to make these systems talk to each other properly.

In the past we’ve seen and used off the shelf integrations. These do not support the business process for Sales Management, Purchase Approval Process and Transactional Updates for reports. This is the first API of its kind. Not only does Xero and Zoho integrate for both payables and receivables, it includes supplier invoice/receipt attachments and acknowledges the value of using Hub Doc and Receipt Bank with your business process.

This means that businesses can make immediate savings on all the following areas.

• The Manual Entry of Sales Invoices
• The Manual Entry of Supplier Invoices
• The Process around Purchase Order Approvals
• The Reconciliation of Timesheets
• The Generation of Time-Based Invoicing
• Reports on Performance, Revenue, Costs and Budgets.

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This 2 way integration of invoices and payment updates allows your

accounts, sales and operations to work in harmony with up to date



With Integration of your Supplier Invoices from Xero to Zoho (including

images and attachments) enables your operations team to effectively

manage their purchase order and approval process without any printing

or duplication.

Using Zoho Projects with Zoho CRM means you can effectively manage

your timesheets, track resourcing costs, invoice customers, track job

budgets and create your payroll reports.