BOQ Estimating with Recipes

Our exclusive advanced estimating solution provides a suite of widgets to manage bill of materials / bill of quantities estimates that require mark ups and budgets relating to purchasing and/or timesheets.

You can build estimates using templated items, recipes and create new items. All options provide full customisation to outline deliverables, link products and group items to generate tailored PDF proposals.



  • BOQ Estimate field is now single lookup field (previously multi-lookup field)
  • BOQ Recipe field is now multi-lookup field
  • Supplier is retained as a text field (can be a lookup field for Zoho Ultimate Package users)
  • Can now store a rate table in the BOQ Item
  • Frequency Count is automatically updated based on selected Frequency
  • Prepopulates BOQ Template ID in BOQ Item Templates and BOQ Item Estimates

Add Recipe Additional Features:

  • Ability to retrieve, remove and clone existing Recipes
  • Ability to set Fixed Price option for all BOQ Items
  • Ability to lock Recipes that have already been converted

Convert to Quote Additional Features:

  • Always default Enquiry to the most Recent Enquiry
  • Added optional Conversion Groupings: Groupings by Sub Total and Groupings by Conversion Type