Instruction Sheets and Production Items

Instruction Sheets means creating 'Sub Jobs' under your main Job/Project.

If you can create many instruction sheets under the job and link Production Items to the Instruction Sheets.

A Production Item is the production or assembly of the goods and services you sold.

Linking them to instruction sheets, means you can split your production items into different delivery stages.

The items in your Sales Order can be linked to Production Items, which means you can track production, delivery, variations to each of the items you sold. Providing you with accurate reporting on the percentage of the job complete.


  • Can now create Production Items through the Create Sales Items widget and the new Manage Variations widget
  • Production Items details can now be recalculated through the WIP widget and the Manage Variations widget
  • Production Item can be selected in Variations Form
  • Manage Variations widget allows you to link/create Production/Task Lists, Enquiry Details and BOQ Items
  • Add Recipe widget allows you to Retrieve BOQ Items not converted and update variations