Product Usage

Our exclusive product usage widget supports a process where you need your installer team to verify the final quantities used for a Sales Order. Including adding new items, cancelling items on the Sales Order and verifying the quantity of items used.

This process will ensure your quotes and sales orders are updated for your final billing but track all the variations from the original quote to the final quote.


  • The Product Usage widget can be found on Job Instruction Sheets or Milestone/Stages module
  • Product usage widget allows you to create Product Usage for your Instruction Sheets with Category "Sale Items"
  • Through the Product Usage, you can now add products not within your original quote. The product usage for this product has a Category of Add On. Only Add on Items have the edit functionality
  • An Add On can either be an Add On item or an inclusion.
  • Can now update your transactions (sales order, invoice, quotes) to add/include these add ons.