Job Budget Management Enhancements

Our exclusive budget widget is a powerful report with drilldown capability to view the financial position of one of many jobs and sales orders. Using a Cost Code structure, you can drill down from cost code category to cost code name to the estimate line item. The budget gives you visibility of what was estimated from the price, to the costs and the margin. It also displays the actual costs to date on all purchases and labour, with access to view individual timesheets and purchase orders, so you can analyse the changes between your estimated costs and actual costs and how this has impacted to current margin.

The budget also incorporates invoices, including funds received and balances outstanding to provide a job cashflow position and any financial commitments on job related purchases.

This release now includes variations and purchase adjustments, giving you full visibility on changes that occurred to your original budget.


  • View multiple jobs and jobs with multiple sales orders.
  • Drill down through your cost code structure to your estimate line item.
  • View estimated costs and actual costs.
  • Filter by actual spend and capped spend.
  • View estimated margin and actual margin.
  • View estimate variations and purchase adjustments.
  • View budget balance and filter with or without purchase adjustments.
  • Filter purchase order values by pending, receipted, and paid.
  • View your cashflow position and dynamically update using filters.
  • Track the balance of invoices and purchases not paid.
  • Drill down to view all related timesheets.
  • Drill down to view all related purchase orders.
  • Drill down to view all related invoices.
  • Drill down to view purchase adjustment details.
  • Drill down to view estimate variation details.