Stock Take and Stock Calculations

Managing your stock levels in CRM requires advance calculations of all your transactions to make the necessary adjustments to increase or decrease your 'Stock on Hand', 'Stock on Demand' and 'Stock to be Received' from suppliers. Our exclusive Stock Management solution also supports 'Stock Allocated to Jobs' and 'Stock Allocated to Production', calculating an accurate 'Available to Sell' quantity by warehouse. Our exclusive Stock Management API will ensure these calculations are performed correctly to always reflect your current stock position. With our exclusive Stock Take widget you can update your stock quantities, including locations and areas. You can also manage your reorder levels and trigger your next purchase quantity.


Product Transactions

  • Trace stock changes in Purchase Order, PO Receives, Stock Management and Warehouse Products through Product Transactions
  • Tracks the SOH, TBR, SOD, ATJ and ATP Logic (whether they have been increased, decreased on no change has been done)
  • Product Transaction allows you to see which Product Audit the change was related to

Stock Take

  • Manage/Revise Stocks
  • Stocks can be checked at Warehouse > Location > Area level or can be checked as the overall stocks for the product
  • Provide Reason for Adjustments when stock is revised
  • Update Reorder Level and Next Purchase Order Qty