Bookings and Schedules Management

Our exclusive Booking and Daily Schedule widgets provide a custom calendar to support bookings for Resources. A Resource can be an Internal Users, External Party and other resources, such as equipment and spaces.

Resources, such as equipment hire can be costed to your jobs and bookings can be related to Tracker requirements, such as inspections and questionnaires.

This exclusive solution handles custom booking requirements, which need to be integrated onto your business process.


  • Schedule a Booking or a Blockout through the Daily Schedule widget
  • Prevents scheduling of a Booking on blocked out dates
  • View Bookings for the entire week
  • Display Bookings in Condensed view
  • Hide date/time from the calendar that have no bookings/blockout
  • Assign a Booking/Blockout to a Resource
  • Manage Bookings' Resources, Trackers, Location, date and duration