November 5, 2019. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Widget 01: Find and Add


  • Search for Leads and Contacts using qualifying data.
  • Searches phone numbers using multiple formats (with or without spaces), e.g. +61 428 807522 or 0428 807 522
  • Provides the number of existing Enquiries, with a pop up to the records details and link.
  • Provides a ‘Create Option’ if no record found and copies the search fields into the create fields.
  • Creates the Lead and the Enquiry with a single data entry.
  • If you select an existing Lead or Contact, provides a ‘Create Enquiry’ option that extracts the Lead / Contact and Account Details and pulls them into the Enquiry record.
  • The Find and Add Widget captures custom Enquiry Attributes for enquiry reporting.


    • Quick and Easy Search to use whilst on the phone to customers.
    • The search criteria is populated in the Create New record, so you don’t have to ask the customer for their information twice.
    • No Duplication of Leads and Contact records created.
  • Contact details are extracted from existing records into new Enquiries, so no double data entry.


  • This widget is only available with the Enquiries Module