November 6, 2019. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Widget 02: Compare Records


  • Compare Fields from your Enquiry to your existing records.
  • Pull data from existing records into your Enquiry, so you don’t have to keep opening other modules to view information.
  • Push data from your new Enquiry into related Lead, Contact and Account records to keep existing records updated with the most current information.


  • The Enquiry Process ensures that customers cannot overwrite your existing data when submitting and enquiry.
  • Each enquiry is a unique record, allowing you to see how details change over time.
  • Historical data is never deleted or replaced.
  • Your Lead Contact or Account information always holds the most recent data without any double handling.
  • The Widget automatically knows which record to compare, a Lead or an Account & Contact.


  • This widget is only available with the Enquiries Module