November 6, 2019. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Widget 05: Add BOQ Item Template


  • Search Recipe names.
  • View BOQ Items contained in the Recipe before selecting it.
  • Select multiple Recipes at the same time.
  • Modify the BOQ Item names and descriptions.
  • Change the Quantity and Unit Cost of the BOQ Items.
  • Change the mark up on BOQ Items.
  • Update the Split Cost details in the BOQ Items.
  • Duplicate BOQ Items in the Recipe (E.g. you want different descriptions for the same BOQ Item).
  • Remove BOQ Items from the Recipe.
  • Add a new BOQ Item to the Recipe.
  • Add a BOQ Item Template to the Recipe.


  • Quick and Easy way to build estimates.
  • Consistent formatting of BOQ Items, grouping, wording etc.


  • This widget must be used with all the BOQ Estimating Widgets and Modules.