November 7, 2019. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Widget 13: Manage Estimate PO's


  • Hide BOQ Items with an Item Type of Labour.
  • Hide BOQ Items with a status of Completed or Cancelled
  • Hide BOQ Items with Purchase Orders
  • Select your BOQ Items for the PO to copy the BOQ Item Details (e.g. description, product etc).
  • Modify the BOQ Item details for the Purchase Order without changing your Estimated BOQ Item.
  • Change the Product for the PO and use the updated pricing.
  • Raise PO’s for multiple suppliers in one go.
  • Choose individual or grouped POs for the same supplier.
  • Choose your Billing Address and Delivery Address from 6 options.
  • Enter Delivery Instructions and Special Instructions.
  • Update the Tax Rate for the Supplier (e.g. Not GST registered).


  • Customise the Purchase Order details without changing the BOQ Items, so your budget reflects what you estimated v’s what you spent.
  • Create multiple PO’s in one go and have them all associated to the BOQ Items.
  • The associated Purchase Orders will be displayed in the budget.


  • This widget must be used with all the BOQ Estimating Widgets and Modules.