November 7, 2019. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

Widget 24: Manage Groups


  • Quick add tool for creating new Leads on the Group.
  • Quick add tool for creating new Contacts on the Group.
  • Find and Add Logic automatically runs on all new members to avoid duplicated Leads or Contacts.
  • Leads are automatically converted to a Contact when the Sale is won.
  • Switch Primary Contacts within the Manage Group Widget.
  • Primary Contact details are automatically populated into the Enquiry Record.
  • Link a primary account to the Widget.
  • Remove Members from the Group.
  • Link Groups to one or many Enquires.


  • Every member is correct created as a Lead or Contact.
  • You can maximise your marketing.
  • You can manage complex relationships.
  • No duplicates of record or data.
  • Minimal data entry.
  • Quick access to information.


  • This widget is only available with the Enquiries Module.
  • An update is required on related modules, to update the options in Record Type.
  • A new Group Module is created to manage the Widget.