Exclusive Zoho Processes

With over 25 years’ experience in software design and implementation, we pride ourselves in creating solutions in Zoho using API’s, Custom Functions and Widgets. We have developed 10 exclusive implementation steps, designed to help you decide what your business needs. Contact us for more information or to be kept updated on new Zoho Developments.

Exclusive Zoho Processes

Native Zoho

  • Zoho Users and Access
  • Native Zoho Implementation

Estimates, Quotes and Orders

  • Creating Native Quotes and Sales Orders
  • Advanced Bill of Quantity Estimating
  • Contract Options
  • Custom Order Forms
  • E-Commerce/POS Integration to CRM
  • Using Custom Calculator Widgets
  • Calculating Landing Costs
  • Supplier Bids for Estimates
  • Managing Finance Applications
  • BOQ Items Code Enabled Logic
  • Management of Sale Items
  • Variable Quantities

Financial Management

  • Implementing Accounting Solutions
  • Integration to Accounting Applications
  • Customer Payment Terms
  • Using Native Invoices in CRM
  • Managing Retainer Invoices and Prepayments
  • Advanced Invoicing and Forecasting
  • Do and Charge Invoicing
  • Managing Credit Notes and Payments
  • Using Native Purchase Orders in CRM
  • Advanced Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Order Reconciliation to Bills
  • Purchase Order Receipting in CRM
  • Journal Entries
  • Managing Financial Liabilities

Scheduling and Timesheets

  • Job Management in CRM
  • Using Job Instruction Sheets
  • Custom Daily Calendar
  • Using Zoho Projects
  • Exclusive Integration between Projects and CRM
  • Creating Project Tasks and Tickets using Estimates
  • Matching new Tasks and Tickets to Estimates
  • Timesheet Reconciliation
  • Product Usage

Support and Portals

  • Zoho Desk Ticket Management
  • Integration Desk Tickets and CRM Enquiries
  • Custom Portals

Sales and Enquiry Management

  • Exclusive Find and Add
  • Using Blueprints for Sales Process
  • Integrating Website Contact Forms
  • Managing Group Enquiries
  • Managing Tender Groups
  • Managing Customer Assets
  • Managing Google Addresses and Locations
  • Variation Management

E-Commerce, Product and Inventory

  • CRM Product Management
  • Using Price Lists
  • Stock Management in CRM
  • Using Zoho Inventory
  • Advanced Product Management API
  • Integrating CRM and Inventory Transactions
  • Managing Picklists and Dispatch in CRM
  • Shipping Integration
  • Returns and Warranty Management
  • Building Product BOMs and Components
  • Product Audits
  • Managing BOQ Items

Jobs, Scheduling and Timesheets

  • Schedule Forecasting

Trackers, Resources and Compliance

  • Using Trackers for Quality Assurance and Inspections
  • Resource and Compliance Management
  • Managing Policies and Procedures with Zoho Connect

Commissions and Payroll

  • Staff Incentive Calculations
  • Daily Timesheets and Payroll Calculations

Marketing Tools

  • Marketing Tools and Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Marketing Groups

Performance and Budgets

  • Dashboard and Reports in CRM
  • Sales Targets and Team Motivation
  • Job Budget Management
  • Using Zoho Analytics for Cashflow Management
  • Staff Timesheet Revenue
  • Creating WIP Reports