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Are you fed up with scrolling and want to make it easier to find information in Zoho? Then switch to Canvas Views and get a stylish design that complements your brand and makes it easier and more efficient to manage your business and customer records.

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SOS Consulting have built cutting edge systems into Zoho that help take the platform to the next level. The customisations that they have built have allowed our business to increase efficiencies immensely and the reporting that we now get from this system is invaluable. To top it all off, the team at SOS are very professional and helpful.


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Our exclusive solutions support over 100 business processes using Modules, Automations and Widgets.

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Stylish Canvas Designs
Bill of Materials Estimating
Xero Integration
E-commerce / POS Integrations
Production Management
Custom Portals

MAW Zoho Solutions developed by SOS Consulting

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Terms and Conditions

We start with a FREE Consulting Call to discuss your business requirements. If we can assist, we will recommend a paid scope meeting to deep dive into your existing business processes, software objectives and MAW solutions. Following the scope, we will provide a detailed recommendation on how to improve your Zoho software. There is no obligation to proceed and our proposals are itemised to include all recommendations, associated costs, rates and time. Our hourly rates range from $60.00 per hour to $195.00 per hour. SOS Consulting has a full-time team of over 20 staff, including developers, consultants, accountants, analysts, support and project managers.

Registration for the FREE Canvas Views must be completed by 31st March 2023. Free Canvas hours require a completed Scope Workshop. The Scope workshop must be within 150km of the Gold Coast. The Scope Workshop must be booked and completed by 31st August 2023. The 25 hours of free Canvas Designs will be completed within 30 days of the scope workshop.


SOS are Certified Canvas Designers trusted by clients all over the world

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