Unlocking Software's True Potential

SOS Consulting are more than just Software experts. Our Senior Consultants each have over 25 years of industry experience, making SOS Consulting one of Australia’s leading Cloud Implementation experts.

With over 20 full time staff, we have a diverse range of skills to support simple and complex software implementation projects. Our solutions incorporate integrations, widgets, automations, analytics, blueprints, canvas designs and much more. Our projects range from large corporations to sole traders, across many business sectors.

Our experience means we appreciate that every project is different. Successful implementation means understanding your unique business processes and leveraging the skills in your team.

Together we will ensure your software implementation project is delivered, minimise any risk associated with change and improve the efficiencies of your business through digital transformation and automations. We will ensure your business feels supported and your team can excel their roles.

It takes a team to build a system

Creating a comprehensive and efficient system requires a team. We provide a dedicated full-time team of industry experts, supported by a Team Leader and Delivery Manager. Together we ensure your software provides maximum efficiency for optimal return on investment.

Senior Consultants

Each of our Senior Consultants has over 25 years of experience in software implementation. With their expert knowledge of a variety of industries, they will help you maximize your software's efficiency, streamline processes and eliminate data duplication.


Delivering end-to-end solutions requires both operational and accounting support. Our accounting team understands your holistic objectives to increase efficiency across departments by integrating your operational and accounting processes.


We have a team of developers to support all your programming requirements. Each developer is an expert in their field, so you only get the best delivery standards. As a team, we specialize in integrating applications through API's, developing widgets and automations, and designing user-friendly layouts and interfaces.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team will ensure any upcoming development meets our high standards. They create comprehensive test plans for each release, including training videos and process maps for you to review as part of your user acceptance testing.

Support and Training

We have a dedicated support team who will ensure your team understand the software and the business process. You can use instant chat, email or phone to connect to our expert support staff. They will promptly acknowledge your query and respond, ensuring issues are quickly resolved and questions answered.