About Us


SOS Consulting are more than just Software experts. Each of our Consultants has over 20 years industry experience, making SOS Consulting one of Australia’s leading Cloud Implementation experts.

We have managed software implementation projects for hundreds of businesses, from large corporations to sole traders, giving us a broad range of experience.

Our experience helps us to appreciate that every project is different, and successful implementation means understanding the unique processes of a business and the individuality of each person.  We leverage the strengths of individuals in your team and enhance your processes to build efficiencies.

We source the whole of market, staying ahead of changes in technology and new developments. We only recommend leading software applications that are cloud based, this is because Cloud based applications are the future.

Leveraging off our experience reduces the time and cost associated with trying to manage software implementation projects in-house.  We reduce the risk associated with change and ensure your team feel fully supported to excel in their role.

This allows you and your team to focus on day to day operations and business continuity during the transition.