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Choosing software is a big decision and every business has lots of questions, to help them make the right decision.
Here are some of the frequently asked questions, with the answers we provide.

Zoho One is a broad and cohesive set of applications that work collectively to run an entire business on the cloud. It includes more than 45 web applications and an equal number of mobile apps—under a single sign-on, with centralised administration and provisioning—making it a true operating system for any business. SOS Consulting use Zoho’s advanced development tools to create exclusive solutions to support business processes across multiple industries.

MAW Solutions means ‘Modules’, ‘Automations’ and ‘Widgets’, these are the core to building features and processes in Zoho One. It is the name given to the solutions we provide for ZohoOne users. SOS Consulting develops and own the intellectual property of MAW Solutions. Click here for more information.

Every industry and business are different, but our pricing is fully transparent and itemised. We outline every function, widget, automation, integration, templates with training and support to ensure you achieve the desired result.

Download our ‘budget planner’ to help you calculate an expected cost.

We are introducing subscription models through our sister companies. These are ‘Turn-Key’ solutions with all the configuration pre-completed for a specific industry. Builders Excellence is our first subscription based set up for the construction industry. Click here for more information on industry solutions.

Our solutions are designed to be dynamic, so customisation may not be required. If you do need customisation or a unique solution for your business, contact our team and our highly skilled team of analysts and senior developers can help. They will listen to your requirements, design a solution and provide a quote.

A simple answer is Yes, we can install MAW Solutions into your existing Zoho account. We will help you evaluate the risk factor and whether it’s safe to work around you or better to start a fresh environment. If you choose to start a fresh Zoho account, we will migrate your existing data to the new account once the set up is complete. This means you have business continuity in your existing Zoho account, until you are ready to go live.

If you use an exclusive integration, this is the only mandatory ongoing fee. It is a minimal API fee between $25 and $49 dollars per month, to host and support your integration between different applications. This fee is per business, not per user. If you use any external marketplace solutions, such as SMS Providers or phone integration, they may also have ongoing charges which are a separate agreement between you and the provider.

No, our solutions handle ‘Multi Entity’. This means you can operate multiple companies or brands from one Zoho CRM. If you choose to have accounting integration, we can integrate to multiple Zoho Books or Xero accounts from one Zoho One.

Every project is different but once your proposal is approved, we will schedule a ‘kick off meeting’ within 10 days. During that meeting we will give you access to your new Zoho account, with modules, widgets, functions and standard templates installed and ready to go. This means you can start testing. Any custom configuration and development will be scheduled and timelines agreed with you.

The Directors of the business, Craig and Michelle, take pride in being responsible for your project and your main point of contact. With over 20 full time staff, we have a highly skilled team of professionals who will assist with development, templates, customisation, training and support. As a team we work together and you have access to all team members assisting on the implementation.

Once you reach out to our team, we will schedule a free consulting meeting with one of the Directors. During that call, they will get a better understanding of your business and what you’re trying to achieve. We can demonstrate some processes that support your needs and answer any questions you have. During that call we may recommend a scope workshop, to get a better understanding if your requirements or provide an immediate quote for the implementation. A free consulting call has no obligation, so contact us now to get the ball rolling.