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Every business wants a simple solution that’s easy to use and streamlines their business. Our job is to make that happen through comprehensive Modules, powerful Automations and integrations, with Widgets that support every business process.

When you engage software consultants to build the solutions you need, you place faith in them and hope they can deliver what they promise.

‘Proven industry solutions ready to go’.

At SOS Consulting we can demonstrate the solutions we recommend. We can tell you exactly how much it costs and how long it will take. We keep our promises to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Professional Services
Building and Construction
Trades and Services
Wholesale and Manufacturing

Building and Construction Industry

Exclusive Distribution Partner

Builders Excellence provides a Turn-Key solution, with access to all the required MAW Solutions for the building and construction industry. Available on a monthly subscription, Builders Excellence provides a quick turnaround that is affordable for every builder.

Visit their website for more details.

Industry Budget Planner

MAW Solutions in Zoho, developed by SOS Consulting give you access to free development, saving hundreds of thousands on consulting and development fees.

Download our budget planner to get an idea of how much you would spend, to unlock the full potential of Zoho with a powerful and fully automated software solution for your business.

We Design and Develop

We Install and Test

You Save Money

‘Proven industry solutions ready to go’.

MAW Solutions was a result of working with multiple industries to understand the business processes and design solutions that every business can benefit from.

Our solutions can be seen, so you can decide if they work for you. We know exactly how long they take to install, so you can be confident with timelines and our costs are full itemised so there are no nasty surprises.

Contact us today for a free demonstration on any of the following industries.

Discover what software can really do for your business, using our 10 Step transformation plan to streamline processes and create sustainable scalability.

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