December 13, 2023. Written by Michelle Colbran (Founder of SOS Consulting)

A sales process is not one size fits all

It always peaks my interest when I see strap lines like ‘6 Step Sales Process’. If a Sales Process was as simple as six steps, wouldn’t we have already mastered it long ago?   If every business followed the same ‘6 Steps to Success’ where is our point of difference?

Let’s get real, it’s not always as simple as six steps. Sometimes there are multiple steps.  The art of success is not how quickly you close the deal, it is about how well you do it.

Look at it this way….

If you went into a store to buy something and they rushed you to the first brand, gave you the price, handed you a glossy brochure, and then pointed you to the counter ‘did you feel rushed?’.   Did you get the information you needed?  Did you want to look at alternative options?  Did you want to come back tomorrow?    How many people do not head for the counter, but smile politely at the sales representative, then actually walk out the door?

If you went to buy a car and they made you complete a finance application before they wasted their time showing you the vehicle, would you give them your money?

Every deal is different. You need to nurture that customer and give them confidence that you are the person they want to deal with.  If that is 6 steps then ‘bonus’, but if it’s 10, 12 or 15 steps, then think about the referrals when they tell their friends and family about the service they received.

Don’t try and create a fast conveyor belt or put every deal in the same box.  If you can adapt to what your clients need and provide a tailored sales process, then you have more chance of winning the deal than losing it.

Make your sales process flexible, scalable, and effective.  Focus on creating an efficient and automated solution.

Giving your clients more time does not have to cost money but it can generate more revenue.    Would you choose cheap and fast, over quality and service when buying your home or a car?  If you want your clients to spend their money, then be prepared to take more steps.