In 2021, SOS Consulting launched a hybrid solution between software and consulting. We build advanced widgets and automations in Zoho, delivering solutions to problems. We don’t charge development fees and we don’t charge subscription fees. We are a Software Developer operating as a Consulting Service.

Software is not always about features and functions, it’s also about business process and connecting people and teams. Many businesses face the same challenges with their software, we bridge those gaps by building solutions using advanced configuration and development tools.

We offer these completed solutions to our clients for affordable install fee. We create scales of economy, which means every business can benefit, every business can create the most effective and efficient system without the excessive implementation cost.

Read more about what we build in the release articles below.

February 20, 2024

BOQ Estimate

BOQ Estimating is an advanced solution for creating quotes using recipes and items in Zoho CRM. Each recipe contains the goods/materials, services/labour, subcontractor fees and expenses, allowing you to easily update quantities and pricing to tailor customer estimates.

January 22, 2024

Enquiry Pipeline v1.12

We wanted to create a pipeline that was configurable by businesses, grouping and filtering by 2 levels. That once the views and filters were configured, all users immediately benefited with no further customisation required. In one screen, and in one click they could jump between...

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January 22, 2024

Find and Add v21.8

This release really focused on the complexities of relationships, making sure the find and add supported every scenario of creating and linking relationships to a sales enquiry.

September 16, 2022

BOQ Estimating with Recipes

Our exclusive advanced estimating solution provides a suite of widgets to manage bill of materials / bill of quantities estimates that require mark ups and budgets relating to purchasing and/or timesheets. You can build estimates using templated items, recipes and create new items. All options...

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