In 2021, SOS Consulting launched a hybrid solution between software and consulting. We build advanced widgets and automations in Zoho, delivering solutions to problems. We don’t charge development fees and we don’t charge subscription fees. We are a Software Developer operating as a Consulting Service.

Software is not always about features and functions, it’s also about business process and connecting people and teams. Many businesses face the same challenges with their software, we bridge those gaps by building solutions using advanced configuration and development tools.

We offer these completed solutions to our clients for affordable install fee. We create scales of economy, which means every business can benefit, every business can create the most effective and efficient system without the excessive implementation cost.

Read more about what we build in the release articles below.

September 16, 2021

Release 01 - Manage Group Enquiries

Zoho limits the number of look up fields in each module. This means you cannot link multiple Contacts and Leads to the same new business Enquiry. Our Manage Group widget provides a solution to the problem by creating a 'Group'. A Group can have unlimited...

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September 24, 2021

Release 02 - Tracker Management Process

Building Trackers means you can create processes in your business, such as quality assurance checklists and site reports. We will configure Trackers for your business using Zoho Forms to capture questions, checklists and images. These forms can be assigned to specific individuals and associated to...

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September 30, 2021

Release 03 - Find and Add

Duplicate records are challenging, most businesses and software applications face this issue. At SOS Consulting we are passionate about never duplicating data, so we built an exclusive Zoho solution called 'Find and Add Search'. Using information from new enquires generated via the phone, email or...

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October 21, 2021

Release 04 - Create Purchase Orders

Using our exclusive Purchase Order widget you can create PO's directly from your Estimate or Sales Order. This means you can track estimated costs v's actual costs in the job budget. The create purchase order widget has many features not provided by native Zoho to...

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November 4, 2021

Release 05 - Managing Sale Items

A Sale Items represent the individual products and services you sell to customers. The items on your sales orders. The 'Manage Sales Items' process means you can capture information against each item sold, to help you manage processes such as purchasing, deliverables and production. This...

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December 15, 2021

Release 06 - Invoicing and Forecasting

This release supports creating retainer invoices for deposits and prepayments, which are allocated to your balance sheet. You can also manage payments over multiple installments and forecast invoices, supporting your cashflow management with accurate information directly from your job. You can...

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