Estimates, Quotes and Orders

Estimating, quoting or order doesn’t need to be difficult. You don’t need to use spreadsheets or external software applications. Zoho One is powerful application and can support your estimating needs using exclusive MAW Solutions.

Generating estimates, quotes and orders can be simple and efficient. We provide a range of tools to support all businesses and industries.

Proposals can be customised with stylish designs that compliment your brand automatically generated through your sales process in Zoho CRM.

Populate client information, include images and group products. Our team can make your proposals, quotes and orders look and feel the way you want, and provide full integration to Zoho sign for digital signatures.

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Bill of Quantity Estimating (BOMs)
Contract Options with Digital Forms
Automatically Generated Stylish PDF Proposals
Comparison Quotes for Customers
Fast Order Forms for Custom Requirements
Advanced Tools for Custom Calculations
Selection and Choice Management
RFQ Management for Bids
Exclusive Price Lists for Customers
Rate Tables for Services
Portal Order Forms for Customers and Distributors

MAW Solutions in Zoho

Our extensive portfolio of MAW Solutions are exclusively developed by SOS Consutling,
MAW solutions provide businesses with affordable access to Zoho Modules, Widgets and Automations


Managing all your customer and business data in stylish canvas designs


Workflows, Functions and Integrations to automate your end-to-end needs.


Built to support every business process across multiple industries

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Using recipes and BOMs to build estimates.

Bill of Quantities Estimating

Your Bill of Material items can be imported or generated using recipes. Labour items linked to schedules of rates. You can link items to future selections and allowances, and use RFQs for supplier bids. Using the clone feature, you can create estimate comparisons and incorporate options for inclusions and exclusions.

How to design and configure Products
when quoting.

A custom order form can handle unique business requirements around configuring or designing a product as part of the sales process.

All the data is managed in Zoho, making it easy for you to set up images, set pricing and product rules. This means the finished product is based on the options allowed.

A specification record is automatically created from the order form and linked to your quote.

SOS Consulting team will work with you to design the custom order form, to achieves your business objectives.

Selling products with a large portfolio

When you sell a large number of products it can be difficult to remember the names or SKUs of each item.

The ‘Advanced Order Form’ is an exclusive MAW Solution that provides a Product Taxonomy filter like websites, to easily search and filter the products. It returns thousands of products in a split second, make it easy for you to find what you want and instantly check out.

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