Software Development


Software Review

Once your software has been implemented and the team trained, that’s when the work really begins. You need to ensure the software is used and the processes are followed. Everyone learns at a different pace and you may need ongoing support to help you reach your goals. Our Management Consultant will support you post implementation and regularly review your progress, with software utilisation reports to help you understand how to maximise your software’s capabilities. The Management Consultant will help you to create new goals and work with our team to create reports to evaluate your results in a meaningful way.


Website Development

With most websites now be visited using a mobile device, a responsive website is more important that ever to give your clients a great user experience. Our team of designers and web-developers will create user interfaces that build trust, encourages site engagement and increases the activity on your website. We can integrate your website with a variety of platforms, such as eCommerce, CRM and Marketing software, so your business processes are integrated with your site activity. Using analytical reporting you have access to real-time reporting, to review and manage the productivity of your website.


API's and Integrations

Most software applications now provide a Rest API, which enables us to transfer data from one application to another. Some of these integrations have already been developed and are available as an off the shelf solution. Our team can configure these integrations but if the integration is not available, we have our own team of in-house developers who can build a custom API to integrate applications to specific needs. We also have a number custom API’s that SOS Consulting have developed exclusively for our client needs, such as 2-way integration between Xero and Zoho. Our team of Implementation Consultants and Developers will ensure your integration requirements are mapped to your business processes to maximise the efficiently of your software.