Enquiry Pipeline

With the new Enquiry Pipeline, we wanted to deliver an alternative solution to native Zoho views.

One of the challenges businesses encounter with pipeline views is the filters. Although Zoho recently increased these, so you can now have more than the previously restricted 5 filters per view, you still must set them up for every user. Which is difficult to maintain, to ensure everyone is following the same process.

Another challenge was grouping enquiries. The best native method, is to create a 2nd view. However, this means you must create the filters again. In native Zoho, every view has its own filters, for every user.

The result we observe, is that most users don’t utilise Zoho’s views and filters properly. Therefore, they don’t experience the benefit of grouping and filtering their pipeline.

We wanted to create a pipeline that was configurable by businesses, grouping and filtering by 2 levels. Once the views and filters were configured, all users immediately benefited with no further customisation required. In one screen, and in one click they could jump between any filter or group they wanted.

A view that displayed the subtotals like a ‘Kanban view’ and allows you to see all the important fields, like a ‘Canvas View’. We wanted the fields to be dynamic, displaying the preferred contact details and the estimated value, until a quote is created and then automatically switching to the actual value.

We also wanted the pipeline to be interactive, allowing users to update the quick notes and follow-up dates, reply to comments and send SMS messages without opening any records.

Now that SOS Consulting have been using the Enquiry Pipeline for a couple of months, it is an integral part of your day to day sales process, and we are confident our clients will love it as much as we do.


  • Dynamic Menus to group enquiry and pipeline values.
  • Drill down filters in left menu.
  • Groups and menus customisable.
  • Share filters and groups with all users.
  • Comprehensive pipeline view with rich customer data.
  • Preferred contact phone numbers.
  • New enquiry count.
  • Quick comments history.
  • Add new comments and send SMS messages.
  • Quick filter by enquiry owner.
  • Key word searches.
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