Find and Add

The Find and Add has been our most popular widget, since it was launched in 2017.

This release really focused on the complexities of relationships, making sure the Find and Add supported every scenario of creating and linking relationships to a sales enquiry.

Version 21.8 now handles joint customers, automatically creating customer groups. It also supports distributor relationships, which means you can link existing accounts and contacts to form new relationships in Zoho CRM.

We’ve enhanced the search feature to include Locations, a custom module used for managing property portfolios.

As our customers businesses continue to grow and evolve, we’ve added the ‘Entity Search’ and made enquiry attributes dynamic, so the picklists only show the relevant options based on the fields completed. This helps you and your team to collect the correct information to support your sales process and reporting.

The email field is mandatory, as it eliminates the challenge with duplicate customers in a database. It is a core requirement of the Find and Add. In this release, we have introduced the ‘Alias email’ option. This overrides this mandatory email requirement, providing a solution in the scenario that a customer does not have an email address.

This widget continues to get easier, faster and better. Keep sharing your great ideas with us.


  • Full page Find and Add screen.
  • Wizard menu to make entering enquiries simple.
  • Access the Find and Add from the Enquiry Pipeline widget.
  • Join existing accounts and contacts to enquiries.
  • Dynamic enquiry attributes that update based on options selected.
  • Add bookings during the enquiry process using Booking Management.
  • Location searches.
  • Add joint contacts and automatically create a group.
  • Copy address features with google search.
  • Alias email addresses to override mandatory field.
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