Manage Group Enquiries

Zoho limits the number of look up fields in each module. This means you cannot link multiple Contacts and Leads to the same new business Enquiry. Our Manage Group widget provides a solution to the problem by creating a 'Group'. A Group can have unlimited Accounts, Contacts and Leads linked. You can associate a Group to multiple Enquiries, giving you the tool you need to manage complex relationships with businesses and individuals.


  • Populate up to 5 individuals from the Group, into the Enquiry record fields, so you can use their personal details in mail merge templates, such as agreements and contracts.
  • Assign roles to individuals to track their involvement in the Enquiry.
  • Add new Contacts and Leads via the 'Find and Add' search directly from the Manage Group widget
  • Choose to automatically convert Leads and link them to the primary Account, when the Quote is accepted.
  • Use the widget to update the group member details in the related Job and other related Enquiries.
  • Choose which Account from related individuals will be the primary record linked to the Enquiry.
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