Create Purchase Orders

Using our exclusive Purchase Order widget you can create PO's directly from your Estimate or Sales Order. This means you can track estimated costs v's actual costs in the job budget. The create purchase order widget has many features not provided by native Zoho to support the buying process, including populating the Purchase Order record to create an efficient process with no duplication or human error.


  • Ability to create Purchase Orders from multiple Sales Orders using the new custom module for Sales Items.
  • Purchase Order history to view any orders already created against your item.
  • Purchasing products for composite items.
  • Preferred Supplier feature to compare lead times and unit costs on the same product.
  • Ability to change products in the purchase order widget and switch pricing and description details.
  • Purchasing from overseas suppliers using either local or home currencies.
  • Fixed or percentage discount features on line items.
  • Stock checks from CRM and Zoho Inventory.
  • Stock allocation for internal purchase orders to support allocating stock costs to job budgets, when existing stock is used.
  • Adjustments feature for purchasing additional products or services that need to be included on the job budget.
  • Creating variations from adjustments.
  • Creating single or grouped purchase orders accross multiple sales orders.
  • Consolidating products feature for adding quantities together to obtain the best supplier price.
  • Managing delivery and shipping address details now includes locations linked to accounts.
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