Our exclusive Tracker management process is now available from the Enquiry module to support sales processes, such as preliminary questionnaires, scopes, specifications and assessment forms. Using Zoho Forms you can capture questions, checklists and images. Once completed the form can sync back to CRM and with our exclusive functions, automatically link the tracker to the relevant Enquiry and / or Job.


This release includes a new widget for the Enquiry Module to create and manage trackers. Please note this release is an extension of Release 02. You will need Release 02 installed to use the Enquiry Tracker Management widget.

  • Tracker module for linking trackers to jobs, to help you manage checklists, quality assurance and compliance.
  • Create a tracker from the Job Items Update Widget V4.
  • Sync trackers to Zoho Projects as tickets.
  • Send emails to users, customers or contractors with URL links to tracker forms.
  • Integrate completed trackers from Zoho Forms to CRM and automatically have the job linked.