Financial Management

Whether you use Zoho Books or Xero, MAW Solutions makes sure your financial data seamlessly integrates providing accurate financial reporting. From invoicing to purchasing, payments and journals, MAW Solutions provides an end-to-end solution for every accounting process.

Generate invoices directly from your estimate and forecast your payment schedule. Invoice as a percentage of the overall project or phase, or raise invoices on individual line items. Link invoice forecasts to your project schedule to automatically update your cashflow forecast.

Raise purchase orders against your estimated items and automatically generate variations for adjustments. Track what expenses you’ve committed to, and what has been received and paid on all your purchases. Manage supplier bills with an approval process that seamlessly integrates with your accounting system, including sharing any supplier attachments.

As the materials purchased are used onsite, generate journals for cost of goods sold and automatically update amounts on your balance sheet and Profit and loss accounts. Create WIP (work in progress) reports on your projects, for accurate reporting on the financial position of your pipeline.

MAW Solutions connects your project and finance teams with seamless integration between your operational and accounting processes.

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Job Invoice and Forecasting Tools
Job Purchase Orders and Supplier Bill Management
OnCharge Billing for Time Materials
Timesheet Tracking for Estimated v’s Actuals
Proforma and Retainer Invoice Tools
Handling CIS and Reverse Charges
Client Credits and Payment Tracking
Work In Progress (WIP) Financial Reports
Journal Entry Automations and Integrations
Automated Customer Payment Terms
Advanced 2-Way Integration with Xero or Zoho Books

Xero Integration Features



Streamline your business with Sales and Operational Software that talks to Xero

Go from inefficient to streamlined business with seamless integration between your sales, operations and accounting teams.

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